Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory - RACHEL

The Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory (RACHEL) is a Unit affiliated with the Nuclear Medicine Department that focuses on the development of new molecules labeled with radioactive atoms (radiopharmaceuticals). These molecules are used to highlight specific metabolic processes or target specific receptors expressed by tumor cells. The purpose of this research is the early detection of neoplastic lesions through diagnostic investigations such as PET/CT or SPECT/CT. Additionally, it aims to treat neoplastic pathologies expressing these metabolic or receptor patterns using radionuclides for therapy.
RACHEL collaborates with university or corporate research entities to develop new radiochemical processes, synthetic methods, and innovative radionuclides for the diagnosis and therapy of tumor, infectious, and inflammatory pathologies. 
The laboratory is involved in the daily production and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals necessary for the diagnostic activities of the Nuclear Medicine Department, utilizing a medical cyclotron and the latest technologies and instrumentation. The laboratory maintains an adequate documentation system related to all radiochemical preparations, including those involved in clinical trials, in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice for radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine and Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

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